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Republic of Congo - Saka Saka

Greens plant-based stew!

Aneri's note: How many of you knew there are TWO Congo’s in Africa? The Republic of Congo, sometimes also referred to as Congo Brazzaville, is the lesser known country compared to the more famous Democratic Republic of Congo, but indeed they are two different countries.


Saka Saka

Difficulty level (1-10): 4

Saka Saka is a healthy vegan green dish enjoyed by people in Central Africa. It was really delicious, full of vitamins, and the habanero gives it a flavorful kick!


Cassava leaves - 1 1/2 lb

Spinach - 1/2 lb spinach

Green bell pepper - 2, diced

Habanero - 1, minced (remove the seeds for less spice!)

Green onion, 3 chopped

Red Onion - 1 large, sliced

Garlic - 6 cloves, pressed or processed into a paste

Peanut butter - 1 cup

Water - 5 cups

Bouillon - 1/2 cube

Palm oil - 1 TB (use sustainable certified please!)

Salt - to taste

Black pepper - to taste

1. Fry the onion in palm oil until browned. Add garlic and bell pepper and cook for another minute.

2. Add cassava leaves, spinach, habanero, water, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil. Pressure cook for 20 minutes with the valve off.

3. Add green onion and peanut butter and stir.

4. Serve with rice!

This recipe is from Murielle Banackissa and Vahreva


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