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Cape Verde - Jagacida

An island take on rice and beans

Aneri's note: I have not been to Cape Verde, but have a friend who lived there for many years! She described it as very pleasant, extremely beautiful people, and livable.



Difficulty level (1-10): 3

Jagacida is an authentic rice dish typically served as a side to a meat or fish dish. But since this already has protein, I think you can hold the meat!


Kidney beans - 1 can

Onion - 1, chopped

Bay leaves - 2

Rice - 3 cups

Paprika - 1 TB

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil - 2 TB

Water - 6 cups

1. Simmer onions in oil until golden

2. Add paprika, bay leaves, and water. Season with salt and pepper.

3. Bring to a boil. Add 3 cups of rice and beans. Lower heat, cover and cook for 25 min until rice is done.

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Are you a fan of bean and rice dishes? Me too - it's the ultimate cheap, nutritious, and healthy comfort food! Check out these other bean and rice varieties from World Veg Kitchen: Barbados - Bajan pigeon peas and rice and Burundi - Red beans and plantains!

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