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Belize - Garnaches

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Street food - healthy tostadas!

Aneri's note: In Belize, I took the most insane tour I have ever done in my life called ATM. What was thought to be a simple jungle trek into a cave was a full on expedition. It began like this: The tour guide picked us up and said that I should wear hiking boots instead of my water shoes. So I did. Once we set off off-roading for one-hour through jungle ravines, we get to the destination and are given hard hats to wear. Then we started hiking a three-mile trail in which we had to cross not one, not two, but THREE rivers waist deep in water. I was annoyed that I had to change out of my water shoes! I had no idea what kind of animals lived in those waters.

Once we reached the cave that we were to enter, our choices were to either a. climb over a waterfall and “fall” into the water, or b. squeeze ourselves through a narrow spelunker to reach the main part of the cave. I took the latter. One of the people in our group got hurt and bled.

Once we were inside the cave, we swam in 3-4 ft of water through the cave, navigating many twists and turns and fighting against a current for nearly half a mile before we landed where we were supposed to. We peeled off our shoes and barefoot, started climbing up the stalagmites of the cave. As we were ascending, we began to pass ancient broken pots and other old artifacts. Then once we reached the top – there was a SKULL! We made it to the sacrificial spot. Here, shamans in ancient times would sacrifice nobles, pull out their tongues and hearts and throw them into the pots. Then they would break the pots after. The further we walked, the younger the victims were. At the end was an entire female skeleton! It was incredible. I was Indiana Jones for a day!

Then of course we had to leave the way we came. Since we were no longer fighting the current, it was much quicker escaping than entering. Then we crossed three rivers again and made it back for a late lunch. This was by far one of the most epic things I have ever done!

My second adventure in Belize was not quite as adventurous, but thrilling nevertheless. I went snorkeling in the Belize Barrier Reef! We saw all kinds of fish, huge coral, a massive green eel that looked the same as the one in Little Mermaid, turtles, giant manta rays, and even sharks! The sharks swam right around us (since the boat gives them food). That was amazing! Belize is definitely the place to visit if you are an adventure seeker!



Difficulty level (1-10): 3

Garnaches are tasty street food! I did not actually try this in Belize, but now I wish I had!


Tostada - 1 package

Refried beans - 1 can, heated

Small red cabbage - 1, shredded

Red Onion - 1, thinly sliced

Tomato - 1, chopped

Cilantro - bunch, chopped

Parmesan cheese

Lime juice - 1

Salt - to taste

1. Toss red cabbage, red onion, tomato together with lime juice and salt. Put aside.

2. Spread heated refried beans on the tostadas, add parmesan cheese and top with the vegetable mix and add cilantro on top. Enjoy!

This dish was inspired by Fooducate and Heneedsfood.


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