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Image by Tijana Drndarski

World Veg Kitchen

An authentic veg dish from every country in the world

The intention is to build a community of vegetarian and vegan travelers, showcase delicious authentic plant based dishes from all over the world, recommend amazing restaurants that I have personally visited, and to invite you to experience and share the magic of global cuisine!


I'm a mom, vegetarian (though 80% plant-based), and travel enthusiast. People often ask me "how do you eat vegetarian in Cuba, Ghana, Cambodia, you name it country?" and the answer is it's not that hard! Every culture in the world grows crops and plants are a part of every diet. If you are not searching for vegetarian food, you can actually miss some truly amazing local culinary delicacies. After all, no one thinks vegetables are weird and there is no celebrity Anthony Bourdain-like figure exposing these dishes out to the masses. I started this food blog as a 2020 quarantine experiment and am excited to build a community around veg travel. Follow me on Instagram @worldvegkitchen to get A-Z recipes! For those not on Instagram, sign up below to get the recipe in your inbox to eat the world!


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